What Do Musicologists Do All Day

In What Do Musicologists Do All Day (WDMDAD) we investigate the use of technology in the work of music researchers in the widest sense.

Researchers frequently make use of the possibilities that mobile phones, social media, digital libraries, search engines and computer software offer. But these technologies do not always have a good fit with daily work practices. We would like to discover what needs to be done to make this fit better, and what successful practices already exist that we can learn from.

For this, we have created a short questionnaire, in which we would like you to tell us about your ideas and experiences. Whether you do not use much technology, or if you use it a lot, we are interesting in finding out your views. Please take our questionnaire at https://opinio.ucl.ac.uk. We much appreciate your participation.

Charles Inskip is a lecturer at University College London specialising in digital scholarship, Frans Wiering is an assistant professor at Utrecht University and chair of the IMS study group in Digital Musicology.

If you have any questions, please contact us at wdmdadsurvey@gmail.com

Please feel free to circulate this message among interested music researchers worldwide.

Charles Inskip and Frans Wiering

My Work and Worries in Music History

Di Reinhard Strohm

My profession is that of a music historian, and it is in this capacity that the Balzan Foundation has honoured me with this prestigious prize. The least I can do to express my gratitude, is to demonstrate here why the history of music seems a worthwhile pursuit to me, and what I have tried to achieve in it. But there are some massive doubts in my mind. Is it actually the case that music can have a history? What have I done to prove its validity?

L’umiltà degli studiosi seri non è comunque mai modestia, ma consapevolezza del fatto che i territori inesplorati che si trovano davanti a loro sono molto più grandi dei risultati che hanno alle spalle.

Dal discorso di ringraziamento per il premio Balzan